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FAQ about file sharing, storage and privacy features

Is the data private?
Yes, all uploaded files are private and access links aren’t automatically published anywhere. In your account settings you can change the default access rights to files and folders and add a password to access files.
Whom is this service for?
Files.fm cloud storage service allows internet users to store and share files quickly and easily with other recipients. Once a user uploads files to the server, they get a unique link, which then can be shared to all users who need access to the files, or just used to store data for backup purposes.
How can I access the stored files?
After the upload, files are stored in servers. Each folder and file automatically receives a unique link. If the link access rights aren’t set to private, then anyone who opens the link will be able to access the file or folder.

The link visitor can see the file name, size, description and choose to preview or download files or send the link to someone else. Your email client, antivirus or internet browser can also see these links. Privacy settings can be controlled for the whole user account or each folder separately.
What file types can be stored?
You can store documents, photos, video, audio or any other file type, preserving original file sizes. You can simultaneously select and upload multiple files. There is maximum upload size per upload for free users. PRO has 10GB, Business 30GB per web file upload or unlimited via Sync.
What if there are complaints about published content?
You must complete an DMCA type application for file removal via contact form. More info here .
Payment methods
We support VISA, Mastercard, bank transfer and Files.fm internal tokens. We do not have access and we do not store credit card data. Payments are made via secure PCI-DSS certified payment institutions and banks.
Data security
File upload and access is done in a safe and encrypted manner. With the Backup tool you can create private and encrypted backup copies that are stored in a secure data center. Data arrays are reserved, but no additional backups are made for your files.
How long will the files be available?
Authorized users have free permanent file storage space, with option to add more. They also have access to info about their uploads, access statistics and can manage files and privacy settings. Data that exceeds free storage limit or files from unauthorized users will be available up to 60 days after the upload.
Can I delete the uploaded files manually?
If you have specified an e-mail address in the first field when storing a file, then a delete link has been sent to this e-mail. Authorized users can delete uploads in the section "My files". If you forget to log in before file upload, you are able to see the uploads made from that device in login page.
Can I get a link to files immediately after the upload?
Yes. It`s shown right after you press the "Save Files" button. If you are a registered user, after the "Save Files" button is pressed, the new link immediately appears in "My files" section as the most recent. Consequently, there is no need to wait until the upload is over. You can change Privacy settings for links.
Why can′t we refund payments?
You can use trial user accounts to get acquainted with the service. User makes pre-payments and approves them manually.The system automatically takes the appropriate transactions by user request - reserves disk space, unlocks instant features or gives access to paid content, print out the files by communicating with other IT systems or suppliers.
How much data can I store?
You can increase your account`s available permanent cloud storage by renting as many terabytes as you need. The received Files.fm tokens in your account also adds to your permanent disk space.